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This painting might seem like a departure from the other paintings on this site. Actually, this is representative of a style I developed throughout the 1990's, so it's more of a return to roots. I created a gallery on this site called "Freeform Paintings". I did that, because I really shy away from the term 'abstract'. I really think of this painting as figurative. The point of something like this is to evoke a kind of joyous horror--the feeling of being crushed by an ecstatic crowd.

I have had a few people compare paintings like these to Picasso, which by any means is a complement. Certainly Picasso is one of the painters I greatly admire, but the tone I am really going for is more like this:


Or this:


And of course, this:



I am not sure if it is because i feel that the world is probably headed for a second dark age, or if it's just an aesthetic thing, but there it is.