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It has been a few years since I moved from the city to the Great Bear rain forest--territory of the Heiltsuk Nation on British Columbia's outer west coast. This fragile, yet enduring ecosystem is one of the last great and truly pristine areas of wilderness in the world. Wolves, Grizzlies, Killer Whales and Ravens abound. The longer I spend in this area, the more I appreciate the subtleties of life here--the curtains of moss and curtains of rain--the conversations between ravens and eagles.
The outside world, in the form of encroaching oil pipeline and tanker routes threaten the entire region, lending a sense of unease to a region that has survived a hundred years of clear cutting and overfishing. The feeling that it is all disappearing is what drives my current work. 
Ravens and eagles, apart from being central to local mythology, sit as sentinels to the forest, watching everything from a proprietorial point of view. Indeed, they were here before us, and, presumably, will be here long after. I am lucky enough to be here to record them.